Apple trees are beautiful every time of year, and at North Coast Organic, we are especially fond of our local apple trees. So fond of them, in fact, we sometimes wander out into the apple orchards surrounding our processing plant to see how the trees are doing. As the seasons change, so they do they – in some pretty spectacular ways!

Here is what we love about our apple trees

In the spring, usually in mid-to late March, apple trees come out from their winter rest. As their buds unfold, newly formed leaves and pure white flowers begin to grow on the ends of the twigs. At North Coast Organic, we especially enjoy this time of year, because the orchards remind us of fresh Sierra snow. The sweet fragrance of new apple blossoms permeates the air all around, which is an extra treat.

Honeybees are attracted to the apple blossoms’ fragrant scent and nectar. The bees move from one tree to the next, pollenating as they go. We love our honeybees because without them, our apple trees would not be able to produce fruit. As the pollenated flowers begin to grow apples at their centers, their petals will fall to the ground. The trees also prepare for the next growing season in spring by forming the buds for next year’s leaves and flowers.

In the summer, what starts out as small green nodules on the apple tree’s branches, begin to form into fruit. Depending on the type of apple varietal, the fruit’s outer green color will eventually turn red or yellow-red. In the case of some apple varietals, such as Gravenstein, the fruit will remain a beautiful green color. Apple trees produce new growth at this time, making them taller and fuller.

In fall, the apples ripen. About two weeks before harvest, their food supply from the tree is cut off, making the apples sweeter. Apples are harvested in July, August, September and October, depending on the apple varietal. Right after harvest, leaves will begin to turn red and brown and fall from the trees. At North Coast Organic, harvest is our favorite time of year. The trees have worked hard to provide us with their beautiful, sweet and crisp fruit, leaving the air filled with such a wonderful aroma. A good reminder that it’s time for baking apple pies again!

In winter, the apple trees rest. They spend the colder months of the year storing up energy to prepare for the next growing season. We still love how the orchards look, the dark branches of the trees stand in stark contrast to a foggy or rain-soaked sky.

North Coast Organic apple products are made in Sebastopol, CA from U.S. grown certified organic apples. They contain no added sugars, preservatives, colorings or flavorings.

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